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Curl mondays during the day.  Contact John Richards (705) 729-1217  sherich2000@yahoo.com


Youth curling and Little Rocks: AGES 6-15.

Fridays at 6:30pm at the Curling Club.  On ice instruction.  Our 20 week program is designed to start the absolute beginner and grow the skills of all ages of youth curling.  We have broken the year into 2 sessions.  Session 1 runs from October 6th thru Dec 15th.  Session 2 runs from Jan 5, 2018 thru March 23th.  You can register your children in one or both sessions for $40 each session.  We will continue to provide equipment (brooms/sliders/grippers) to new curlers.  Returning curlers are expected to bring their equipment from the previous year if they were given the equipment and that it's still it good repair.  Snacks/drinks will be provided each free each night after the session.  Watch the "Juniors" page under the Leagues tab on our website (www.powassancurlingclub.ca).  Contact Amber Winters  juniors@powassancurlingclub.ca or 705-472-8538 for more information.


Regular Curling

Ladies play Monday evenings.  Contact Gerri Van Amelsfoort (705)

Mixed runs on Tuesdays and Wednesday evenings with 2 draws from 7-9 and 9-11.  Contact Sue Brousseau (705) 724-3989  suebrousseau16@gmail.com

Mens is on Thursday evenings also with 2 draws from 7-9 and 9-11.  Contact Gerry Giesler (705) 493-4054 Cedar.boats@gmail.com


FREE curling instruction for novice curlers will take place on Saturday evenings at 7:00 throughout October (October 14th, 21st and 28th). Curling equipment is supplied. You do not have to be a member, but following your introduction to curling, you’ll want to join in the fun! Oh... the bar will be open so there will also be instruction on how to bonspiel if required!

Cyndy Giesler will be organizing and hosting these four evenings of free on-ice curling instruction and curling etiquette, and will gladly welcome a co-host or two!

Contact Cyndy at 705 724 1950 (H) or email info@powassancurlingclub.ca


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