Integrity Commissioner

The Municipal Act permits Council to appoint an Integrity Commissioner who performs specified functions regarding the application of the municipality's Code of Conduct which applies to all members of Council and members appointed to Boards and Committees to promote accountability and transparency in municipal governance.  As of January 10, 2023, Michael Maynard has been appointed as the Integrity Commissioner for the Municipality of Powassan.  If you believe a member of Council or Board and Committee has violated the Code of Conduct, please report to the Integrity Commissioner.

Role of the Integrity Commissioner

  1. Ensure that members perform their functions in accordance with the code of conduct and other procedures, rules or policies governing their ethical behaviour; 
  2. Provide advice and rulings on ethical challenges, issues and dilemmas, upon request of council or a member of council; 
  3. Deliver an oral presentation to members of council regarding the role of the Integrity Commissioner and ethical obligations and responsibilities of each member of council under the code of conduct and any other procedures, rules or policies governing their ethical behaviour; 
  4. Function independently from staff and report to council; 
  5. Investigate complaints and alleged breaches of the council code of conduct; 
  6. Review the council code of conduct and make recommendations for improvements;
  7. Serve as an advisor to individual members of council with respect to the council code of conduct, and any procedures, rules and policies of the municipality governing the ethical behaviour, as well as associated policies and by-laws; 
  8. Prepare and deliver an annual report to council containing a summary of activities, if any, during the previous calendar year; and 
  9. Serve as a proactive educator for council, staff and the public with respect to ethical behaviour for council members.            

Contact the Integrity Commissioner

Michael Maynard
Integrity Commissioner
ADR Chambers Inc.
Phone: 416-362-8555

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