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Welcome to A Citizen's Guide to Working with the Council of the Municipality of Powassan.

This guide has been developed to help you understand the decision making process used by Council and to identify opportunities for members of the community to become involved. Community involvement is a very important element for how we do business in Powassan. We encourage you to get involved and have identified a variety of ways that you can - appearing as a delegation at a Standing Committee or Council meeting, or joining one of the Committees, are just a couple of ways that are explained in this guide.

Your input counts, so take a moment to review the information provided and enjoy your involvement.

How is my Municipality Governed?

Every four years, Powassan residents/electors choose a Mayor (the Head of Council) and four Councillors, who in turn are responsible for making decisions related to the delivery of local services and programs. Examples are listed below:

  • Administrative Services
  • Development application process.
  • Assessment, Tax information.
  • Fire and emergency planning.
  • Licensing and Inspection, building permits, animal control, by-law enforcement.
  • Cemeteries.
  • Policy development including land use.
  • Recreation and culture.
  • Roads and parks maintenance.
  • Waste Management, Water services.

For more information about the Municipal Departments and Services please call the office at 705-724-2813.

How do matters come before Council for decision?

Council deals with a wide variety of issues. Generally the business of the Municipality is dealt with at one of the Standing Committees. At the Committee level, staff reports, community issues and concerns are presented for consideration.

Council is Chaired by the Mayor. When matters are considered and debated at one of the Standing Committees, recommendations are forwarded to Council for consideration. At Council the recommendations are either amended, adopted, defeated, or returned to Committee. Typically, delegations who have appeared before Committee would only register to appear before Council if they have new information to offer on the issue previously dealt with by the Committee.

How do I bring forward any issues and concerns to Committee and Council?

Contact the municipal office and speak to the appropriate department to determine if your concerns can be addressed within the Department's ongoing service plan.

If you are unable to resolve your issue or concern with staff, contact your Councillor and discuss your concerns directly with him or her. You may find that your Councillor may already be working to resolve the matter or can provide support and assistance.

Your next step may require an appearance before one of the Committees. Members of the public who wish to make presentations on their own behalf or on behalf of companies and organizations are called delegations. At the Committee you will have an opportunity to present your concerns along with your action for the Committee's consideration. Contact the Municipal Clerk's office (705-724-2813) and they will help you to determine which Committee meeting you will need to attend.

If your issue is a matter currently on the agenda for a Committee, you can register as a delegation up to 12:00 PM (noon) on the day of the actual committee meeting.

However, if your item is not directly related to an item listed in the current agenda for the Committee, you will need to provide the Clerk's office with a letter detailing your concerns and the actions you would like the Committee to approve. The Clerk's staff will place that item on the next appropriate committee agenda and inform you of the date, time and location of the meeting.

How should I prepare in order to appear before Committee or Council?

When you appear before a Committee or Council, you have up to 15 minutes to present your position. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Prepare yourself in advance of the presentation by making notes or writing out the text of your presentation. In addition, it helps the Committee/Council when they have the details or your concern in writing. Your written material presented at the meeting may also become part of the official public record. If you make the written presentation available to the Clerk's Office, they may copy and distribute the material in advance of the meeting.
  • If you are appearing on behalf of a larger group such as a neighborhood group, let the Clerk know that you will be speaking on behalf of the group as their spokesperson. Larger groups are encouraged to select a spokesperson to make their presentation.
  • The delegation portion of the agenda is dealt with at the beginning of the meeting. The Committee Chair (or Mayor at Council) will call out your name and identify the subject matter which you will be addressing. Following questions, Council/Committee will not entertain any more comments from the delegation.
  • Once all delegations have been heard, the Chair/Mayor will place the item(s) of business before the Committee/Council for consideration. Committee members/Councilors will have the opportunity to discuss and/or debate the matter and formulate a recommendation for approval.
  • In the event you wish to appear before Council as a delegation, you should be prepared to present new information only. Some Council members are members of the Standing Committees. They will have heard the delegation at Committee and will be interested in hearing only new information. If your issue is a matter currently on the Council agenda, you may register as a delegation up to 12:00 PM (noon) on the Thursday prior to the Council meeting.

How will I Know the Council or Committee Decision?

If you appear before Committee and/or Council, the Clerk's department will send correspondence to you advising of Council's decision. Call the Clerk's Department (705-724-2813) if you need further clarification.

How can I get involved in my community?

There are a number of ways you can become involved in your community. Throughout the year volunteers are required for various Boards and Committees. Consider volunteering for one of the Committees or Boards. You can contact the Clerk's office for details regarding the mandate, meeting dates and times, and the need for volunteers.

While all Council Members are involved with the resolution of Municipal wide issues, councillors are directly responsible for ensuring that the issues concerning the residents are voiced. All Council agendas have a 15 minute Question Period for the public in attendance.

Council Members and volunteers are also actively involved in a number of Boards, Committees, Associations and Agencies such as:

  • Public Works Committee
  • Trout Creek Community Centre Board
  • Powassan Recreation Committee
  • Powassan Library Board
  • Police Services Board
  • Powassan Agricultural Society
  • Trout Creek Lion's

Once again, the Municipality of Powassan wishes to reinforce the value of teamwork and civic loyalty as we provide essential services ensuring all citizens a secure environment in which to live, work and play.

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