Waste Management

The Municipality provides curbside garbage collection through the Public Works Department 

For concerns regarding garbage collection please contact the Municipal Office at 705-724-2813, ext 221.

Recycling collection is provided through a service contract with GFL Environmental Inc.

For any recycling concerns please contact GFL Environmental Inc. at 705-472-1768.

Recycling is encouraged because it decreases landfill waste, saves energy, and conserves natural resources. Recycling can help you decrease your carbon footprint and live more sustainably.


The schedule remains the same as the 2023 schedule:

Tuesday-Former South Himsworth     Wednesday-Former Town Of Powassan   Thursday-Former Town of Trout Creek

Garbage Collection Information

Bags MUST be curbside by 7:00 A.M. on your scheduled pick up day.

Council passed By-law 2023-17 which restricts the garbage bag collection as follows:

  • Two (2) bags for a residential dwelling
  • Six (6) bags for a commercial dwelling
  • Weight restriction for each bag is 40 lbs.

All items must be inside a bag to be collected, loose items will not be collected.

Tags for extra bags are available at the Municipal Office at 250 Clark Street ($2.00/tag).

Institutions and businesses who require more frequent pick ups can schedule additional pick ups by calling the Municipal Office at 705-724-2813. Each pick up is charged on a monthly basis. 


Wednesday & Friday 8:00 am - 12:00 PM

Saturday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Other services at the landfill include Recycling (including glass), Electronic Waste Disposal, Used Tire Disposal.

Proof of residency is required to use the Landfill. User fees are set out in the User Fee By-Law and User Fee Schedule.

The landfill has recycling bins for glass (most bottles, jugs, and jars), boxes and other recyclables, electronics and batteries, and tires. There is no charge for disposing of these items properly at the landfill. 

This type of glass CAN'T be recycled in the bins at the landfill: 

  • Drinking glasses or dishes, cookware
  • Whole or broken window glass or mirrors
  • Ceramic products
  • Light bulbs and light fixtures


Hazardous waste must be dropped off at the Hazardous Waste Depot in North Bay: 

112 Patton Street

North bay

Telephone: (705) 474-0400 ext:2333

Wednesday to Saturday

8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Hazardous Household Waste includes used batteries; oil containers; paint cans; corrosion liquids; pharmaceuticals; pesticides; propane tanks; old gas; antifreeze; household cleaners (aerosols); smoke alarms; poisons.

The Depot will NOT accept sharps (used needles) or PCB's.

Hazardous Waste Depot


The 2024 Recycling Schedule can be picked up at the Municipal office or viewed here: 2024 Recycling Schedule.

As mentioned above, Recycling Services in the Municipality of Powassan are provided, bi-weekly, through a contract with GFL Environmental Inc. You may use any combination of green and/or blue boxes as well as clear bags for recycling items.

Recycling MUST be curbside by 7:00 A.M. on your scheduled pick-up day.

For questions or to report a MISSED RECYCLING PICK-UP, call 705-472-1768.




All items must be CLEAN OF FOOD and CONTAMINATES.

  •         Aluminum cans
  •         Pie and baking pans
  •         Tin cans
  •         Metal beverage cans



All boxes MUST BE FLATTENED & Bundled with twine for proper disposal.

  •         Corrugated cardboard, Shipping Boxes, Moving Boxes, Shoe boxes
  •         Cereal and dry food boxes
  •         Tissue boxes, Paper towel / Toilet tissue rolls
  •         Detergent boxes
  •         Soda/beer cartons



  •         Newspapers, Computer Paper, Notebook Paper
  •         Inserts/Labels, Folders, Index Cards/Labels
  •         Magazines/Catalogs
  •         Paperback books
  •         Envelopes (with or without windows)
  •         Calendars
  •         Shredded Paper must be put in bags



One of the following symbols MUST be on the bottom of the container for it to be accepted for recycling:


  •         Styrofoam
  •         Window glass and mirrors
  •         Glass containers, bottles, etc.
  •         Propane Cylinder
  •         Electronic waste (TVs and computers, Ipads, tablets, electric cords, etc.)
  •         Motor oil containers/ Red Plastic gas tank
  •         Yard waste/ water Hose
  •         Chemical containers
  •         Plastic bags
  •         Ceramics or dishes
  •         Food waste
  •         Scrap metal
  •         Monitors


NO Wish-cycling! Wish-cycling is the practice of tossing questionable items in the recycle bin.  This could cause all of the items in the bin to be rejected and end up at the landfill. 

Winter Tip - Place recycling and garbage bags at the end of a cleared driveway for safe and easy access.

For more information on what you can recycle visit www.gflenv.com

Unplanned changes to the schedule may occur from time to time. Please check the main page of the Municipal website at www.powassan.net, or the Municipal Facebook updates.


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