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Fitness Centre Reopening
- July 17, 2020

The Fitness Centre at 250 Clark will re-open Monday July 20th at 8:30am, after which time it will run under the regular hours of 5:00am-10:00pm.

Regular fitness centre guidelines may be found here (signed by all members at registration)

  • Self screening continues to be required. We ask all members to continue to expect of themselves a level of responsibility they would be confident to stand behind publicly. Have you recently had any symptoms of illness? Are you considered high risk, for any reason, at this time? Have you travelled? Have you been following social distancing requirements? While we have reopened the facility in an effort to offer a return to recreation and leisure services, it may not be the right time for you individually to return and that will be your responsibility to identify.

  • The municipality will be implementing additional cleaning measures; however, members are still required to clean individual pieces of equipment after their use

  • Members are asked to both enter and exit through the WEST DOOR ONLY (West is Library side, folks). If you need to update your account, renew or speak to reception please use the Main door and buzzer. The rest of 250 Clark, including the gymnasium is inaccessible at this time. Only one person is permitted in the front foyer at a time.

  • Members are required to observe the space, and ensure their entry and conduct will not adversely affect the social distancing efforts of others. Cardio equipment has been removed to assist with this. There is an 8-person limit interior to the space – but the onus is still on the user to ensure those 8 people are adequately spaced. 8 people at the squat rack is too much. Use your most useful judgement

  • Loitering in the space will not be permitted. Monopolizing equipment and enter into the personal space of others will not be permitted.

  • The Fitness Centre will be open between the hours of 5 am, and 10:00pm. Doors will be inaccessible outside of these hours. Members are expected to have vacated the facility entirely by 10:15pm.

  • Personal items interior to the fitness space should be limited to keys/fobs, music items, and cell phones, water bottles. No bags, coats, clothing, personal equipment.

  • Bars, plates, clips seats/benches all need to be wiped down after use

  • Washrooms interior to the fitness centre are cleaned regularly, but not after each use. We will make cleaning products accessible in the washrooms as well, should you wish to wipe them down before and after you enter.

  • No showers, no saunas. When/if this changes – we will let you know.

    We expect details of the Health Unit mandate for masks to include Municipal Facilities. This will include the Fitness Centre and 250 Clark. Any questions regarding this should be directed to the Health Unit. We will provide these details when they become available.

  • Your individual membership modification and the duration of your extension vary between persons. Example: if your membership expired 2 weeks after we closed, you will be granted those two weeks only for your extension. If your fob doesn’t work – during operating hours – please visit reception by way of the front doors and we will adjust as necessary. If your membership expired before the shutdown, you will have to renew to gain access. Renewals can be made online by request at, or by cash, cheque or debit at reception. If you are on auto monthly withdrawal, your fees will begin being deducted again in August. If you do not wish to return at this time, please advise us and we will pause your account and access.


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