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Notice of Public Meeting
- June 27, 2018



TIME: 6:00PM



NOTICE OF A PUBLIC MEETING TO INFORM THE PUBLIC OF A ZONING BY-LAW AMENDMENT TAKE NOTICE that the Council for The Corporation of the Municipality of Powassan has received a complete application under Section 34 (10.7) of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.P. 13 as amended, to inform the public of a proposed Zoning By-law Amendment. The public meeting is being held for the application described below to enable interested members of the public to understand and comment on a proposed Zoning By-law Amendment. DATE AND LOCATION OF PUBLIC MEETING Date: Tuesday, July 17th Time: 6:00 pm Location: Municipality of Powassan – 250 Clark Street - Maple Room DETAILS OF THE ZONING BY-LAW AMENDMENT The purpose of the proposed by-law is to amend the Restricted Area (Zoning) By-Law No. 2003-38 as, amended, for lands located in Reg. Plan 323, Lot 8, located at 9 Fairview Lane in the Municipality of Powassan. The application, if approved, would rezone the subject lands from the Rural (RU) Zone to a Rural Exception (RU-10) Zone. The purpose of the amendment is to zone the property to allow for the operation of a 5 bedroom Bed & Breakfast an Event Planning Home business and an accessory residence for the owner. The proposed amendment would also recognize the existing lot area and the location of the existing dwelling on the subject lands. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AND MAP OF LAND SUBJECT TO THE APPLICATIONS A key map showing the land to which the proposed amendment applies is provided on this notice. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that sufficient information is made available to enable the public to generally understand the applicant’s proposed Zoning By-law Amendment. Any person who attends the meeting shall be afforded an opportunity to make representations in respect of the application. Council will then use the information collected at this meeting to make a decision on the Zoning By-law Amendment. If you wish to be notified of the decision of the Council for the Corporation of the Municipality of Powassan in respect to the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment, you must submit a written request (with forwarding addresses) to the Clerk of the Municipality of Powassan at P.O. Box 250, 466 Main Street, Powassan, Ontario, P0H 1Z0. If a person or public body files an appeal of a decision of the Council for the Corporation of the Municipality of Powassan, as the approval authority in respect of the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment, but does not make oral submissions at a public meeting or make written submissions to Council before the proposed amendment is approved or refused, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal may dismiss all or part of the appeal.

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